A New Chapter: Baldwin Wallace Conservatory

I could not be more excited to have accepted the position of Interim Assistant Professor of Saxophone and Jazz Studies at the Baldwin Wallace Conservatory in Berea, OH. I am learning that dreams can indeed come true in front of your very eyes with hard work and a commitment the ideals that you believe in.  

Baldwin Wallace University is an institution that was founded with an emphasis on diversity and inclusion. Today, the school continues to stress this as a point of pride. It is a privilege to join a faculty with such a strong sense of duty to the community and students. 

Within the university, the BW Conservatory faculty consists of members of the Cleveland Orchestra and great teachers that have a wide array of experience. The musical theater program was ranked #2 on the College Magazine ranking for "Top 10 Colleges for Musical Theater Majors." Spending time in this community has already shown me what a vibrant and supportive environment students, faculty, and administration have created for each other. 

This tradition of excellence in every regard makes me proud to be a Yellow Jacket! Now it is time to get to work!



Steven BanksComment