Lost in the Fight

What an awful feeling it is to be legitimately afraid to go outside. The hate in the world is despicable. I don't know what to protest or what to push for that can change what lies in the depths of the hearts of the perpetrators. It hurts, but I believe we have to continue to love those that hate us. We must keep our heads held high, and continue to reach our maximum potential even in the face of those that hope to hold us back. I take pride in being a black man and none of us deserve to be feared and mistreated because of that fact alone. Blackness is not a personality trait or a measurement of character. It's important that we all remember that. If you saw a person of color do something bad on the news once, that doesn't mean that it's in my blood or anyone else's to commit crimes. The separation of race, cultures, genders, and sexuality goes so deep into our nature that it is, indeed, work to stay aware of your privilege. Perhaps life isn't as comfortable as we want it to be. Our minds crave definition and generalization, but a human soul can't be defined. There is always more to understand. Our minds tell us not to care about people and things that don't directly change the course of our lives or have an impact on our personal success. Unless we are conscious of this, so many people are left behind, forgotten, and victimized. Moreso than a change of legislation, we all need a change of heart and perspective. How do we get there? I really don't know.

Steven BanksComment