Ithaca Saxophone Collective

Why Collective?

A collective is a group of entities that share or are motivated by at least one common issue or interest, or work together on a specific project to achieve a common objective.

Our Objectives?

  • Supportive studio environment

  • A sense of place in the broader musical world

  • Incessant, well-informed musicality

  • GLOWING, Singing sounds

Professor Banks’ Teaching Philosophy

My primary goal is to foster a love and respect for music and high-level thinking in my students while supporting their growth as contributing members of society.

I am a rigorous teacher that focuses on guiding students to the root of each musical issue, not on short-term cover ups or paths to “good-enough.” I believe that what we do as musicians is incredibly important to the world. I expect my students to be informed, thoughtful, genuine artists that use the saxophone to express their artistic vision.

Listening to and experiencing great music and art is also imperative. I can do my best to explain concepts, but the internal desire to create powerful moments only truly comes from experiencing them yourself. I encourage my students to listen to and reflect on as much as they possibly can!

As students often take on characteristics of their primary teachers, I can promise that I, too, will always push myself to be a more communicative, affecting performer and healthy, productive citizen.

Finally, I believe in maintaining a studio community that is supportive, inquisitive, and energized. Students can inspire and learn from each other in a way that lifts everyone up and creates lifelong relationships. I envision a studio in which we are all growing together - teacher and students alike.

Join us at Ithaca College in our journey towards being the best version of ourselves and making a positive impact on the world through music!